Our Story

family-photoThe story of how The Paramount came to exist started about 10 years ago. We met in Steamboat, our son quickly entered the picture, and not long after that, it occured to us that our passion in life was food. We both firmly believe that one of the keys to success is doing something that you truly enjoy, and for us that means using only the highest-quality, freshest ingredients available to create fantastic food and drinks!

We were not exactly sure of where we would develop our restaurant but after moving to Boulder, then Boston, we knew Steamboat was where we belonged. The healthy, laid-back lifestyle here is like no other and we are proud to call Steamboat home!

Although we have been back in the Yampa Valley for three years, the decision to open The Paramount came very, VERY quickly. In September 2010, we saw the opportunity to start up in a great location along with the chance to fill the long-standing ‘breakfast on the mountain void’ and decided to go for it! 

From the appreciation of simple but always effective techniques that have been passed down from our families to all of the influences we have absorbed by observing great food around the world, we feel that our cuisine will please a variety of palettes. We are proud to say that you will find no cans in our kitchen as we feel that fresh is always best when it comes to food. All of our jams and jelly are made during peak season for the particular variety of fruit and canned in-house. We flavor our own liquor, make our own sauces…as you can see, we take a lot of pride in our products!

There is nothing better than sharing a great meal with family and friends and we hope The Paramount will provide a fun, relaxing atmosphere where everyone can enjoy all that Steamboat has to offer!

Many thanks for your interest and support,

Suzy, Lee, and Giovanni